Refresh and Recover vs MOBOT: What’s the Difference?

We are often asked what the difference is between the Refresh and Recover bottle and the MOBOT, another foam roller/drink bottle hybrid. And while there are a few differences between the two, both bottles perform essentially the same function: to combine easy hydration and foam rolling capability in a single product that’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

That being said, here are the primary differences between the Refresh and Recover bottle and the MOBOT:

NZ-owned vs US-owned

One of the primary differences between the two bottles is where the businesses are based! While MOBOT is based in California and US-owned, Refresh and Recover is a homegrown Kiwi company headed up by Roslyn Ryan. Roz has worked in the health and fitness space for many years, is a keen runner and crossfitter, and volunteers her time running a free fitness community for NZ mums.

Different sizes

Another significant difference between the two products is the bottle capacity.  The MOBOT comes in three different sizes: the 18oz Firecracker, the 27oz Grace, and the 40oz Big Bertha. The Refresh and Recover comes in just one size: one litre, which works out to almost 34 ounces. It is also longer than the MOBOT bottle, giving a wider foam rolling surface.

Foam molds

The MOBOT foam roller and Refresh and Recover foam roller are made from different molds, which means that the rollers themselves have variations and will produce a range of results. Refresh and Recover will hit slightly different pressure points than a MOBOT. Small differences in shape, firmness, and patterns are standard between different brands when it comes to any type of foam roller.

At the end of the day, while the Refresh and Recover bottle does have characteristics that set it apart from the MOBOT foam roller bottle, both serve the same purpose. One born out of California and the other out of Auckland, they are convenient tools for anyone who likes to get active. As drink bottles, they hydrate, and as foam rollers, they help muscles to recover, reduce tightness, and aid circulation.

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