About Us

Hi, I’m Roz
I understand how it feels to struggle into the gym or onto the field feeling like you’re carrying everything under the sun. It’s easier to leave something behind and just enjoy your fitness.

I’ve been working as a fitness instructor for 12 years and am a firm believer in using a roller to help prevent the aches, pains, and injuries of exercise.

At cross fit events I’ve seen people rolling using bottles because they don’t have a roller with them, but they know how important it is to loosen up their muscles before and after exercise.

Creating a product in the fitness niche that would really help you achieve your fitness goals and then be able to support mental health for parents of teens who are addicts with putting an online resource together for them using a percentage of profits from Refresh and Recover was a perfect fit.

Fitness has so many benefits for people with depression. Mental Health and Addiction are two areas I grew up in, I saw the damage it did and the lack of help and support.

Refresh and Recover is here to support our customers in New Zealand and Australia to achieve their fitness and mental health goals.

Your purchase of a Refresh and Recover foam roller drink bottle helps support your recovery physically from exercise, and will help support others in their mental recovery.