Refresh, Recover, and Care for the Planet

Drinking water is hugely important for your body. We’ve already covered that in this blog post. But there’s something else that we really, really need to be healthy—in fact, to even exist at all. That’s a planet that’s in good, habitable shape.

Sustainability seems trendy right now, but it’s more than just a trend. Looking after the planet we live on is vital to our future and the future of generations to come. It’s something we take seriously at Refresh and Recover: wellness for our clients, and wellness for our earth.

Reuse to reduce waste

One of the easiest ways for people to reduce waste and care for the earth in their everyday life is to reduce the waste they produce: that’s plastics, paper, anything that you would throw away. Single-use plastics, in particular, are a major threat to the wellbeing of the environment, as they are so prolific: coffee cup lids, shopping bags, ziplocs, disposable plates and cups, wrapping, and straws to name a few. 

While there are compostable, cardboard, and other more eco-friendly options becoming available in some places, the best option is always to do without and replace single-use with something that you can wash, keep, and use over and over again. Reducing waste wherever possible is a fantastic way to make your lifestyle more sustainable.

Safe refills

For many people, the obvious place to start is with reusable takeaway coffee cups, cloth shopping bags, and one that’s close to our heart here at Refresh and Recover: drink bottles that will last a very long time, safely. The plastic drink bottles that you might buy at a petrol station or dairy can be reused a time or two. However, they are often made with harmful substances like BPAs which can seep into water as the bottle slowly breaks down. 

Our stainless steel bottles, however, can be refilled time and time again with no worries. They have a one-litre capacity, allowing you to carry plenty of water with you wherever you go—no stopping into the dairy for a single-use bottle necessary!

Refresh and Recover aims to see people out there getting active, keeping their muscles healthy and feeling good, and looking out for the planet—all at the same time! Our foam roller-stainless steel drink bottle hybrid is a fantastic tool for everybody on the go. Find out more about us here, or order your  Black,  Blue, and  Pink bottles now.