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We want to get word out about Refresh and Recover bottles to anyone who might benefit from them. Our ambassadors are people passionate about fitness, health, and wellness who help us to spread the word.

We are looking for individuals with a platform built around fitness, movement, or wellness in any form who can introduce Refresh and Recover to their like-minded audience. Ambassadors, we believe, should be just as excited about our product as we are. Partnering with us is building a relationship that goes beyond business and brand—the fitness community is strong, and it’s one we are proud to be a part of.

Foam rolling (and drinking water!) is for more than just high-level athletes. It’s for anyone who likes to use their muscles and stay active. We are interested in creating relationships with anyone who has a community or audience which might benefit from our versatile bottles.

If you are interested in the Refresh and Recover ambassador programme and what we’ve outlined above sounds like something you can do, we’d love to chat.


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